INNOLABEL provides innovative solutions that help customers to monitor temperature, shelf life, shock, and any other relevant condition of a product throughout the whole supply chain.

INNOLABEL is an innovator in the field of monitoring devices and our cold chain management solutions include a wide range of temperature, humidity, time and location monitoring and recording devices, such as a live wireless system, data loggers, time-temperature labels…..
INNOLABEL is your single point of contact and has established relationships with a large number of international manufacturers and service providers, this way our customers always have the best solution at hand!

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INNOLABEL will provide an easy acces to a competitif business structure and offer relavant news and information. 

Innovation: Bringing innovative solutions.

Green: Make it a better world.

Customer: Customer friendly approach.

Easy: Easy in all aspects.

Social: Socially responsible organization.

To provide customers with innovative and easy to use solutions for monitoring physical conditions to prove quality or to help managing safety, risk, waste and efficiency in their daily care for business or life.