Monitoring temperature during transport

Temperature breaches in the cold chain need to be flagged up quickly and reliably. Precise, efficient and user-friendly temperature trackers help ensure accurate and effective cold chain management.

The Innolabel cold chain range enables you to see whether a temperature breach has occurred and or record how much time a product has spent above its recommended temperature. They are affordable enough to use at individual case or product level, increasing accuracy and reducing waste.
It offers a chance to validate products at point of use: an intuitive visual check which, alongside other product data, will show clearly and unmistakably whether a product has been irreparably affected by a temperature breach.

Innolabel offers you temperature monitoring solutions for the whole range :

  • product level controle based on labels
  • box level based on loggers, either simple usb loggers one use, or more complex loggers
  • specific temperature control in healthcare labs
  • real time temperature monitoring