Fortunately, after this turbulent COVID-19 period of uncertainty, a solution is now emerging in the form of various vaccines, which are coming our way and their logistics chain will be quite a challenge as the temperature preservation itself implies a lot.

Brussels Airport is ready to receive and transport the first vaccines against the COVID-19 virus in order to subsequently be able to import and export the different types of vaccines in a safe and efficient manner.

As a company specialized in temperature control, we also want to contribute to this difficult task and offer various solutions, given that the storage of the vaccines will always be in frozen form, some even in minus 80 ° C, devices that must be used must be are provided to log in those circumstances. Below are a number of solutions.

For transport:

  1. The InnoCheck dry ice indicator: an indicator that indicates whether the critical temperature has been preserved, if the required temperature limit is not observed, it will indicate this by means of a red LED.
  2. The Verigo dry ice logger: logger resistant to these very low temperatures, logs all data, readable with an app, data stored in a cloud and alerts are sent after scanning.

Before using the vaccine in the centers:

  1. Indicator for Ultra Freeze Temperature Vaccines: When a vaccine is removed from -70 ° C storage and placed in the refrigerator, the “thaw timer” will activate, which will start measuring the time the vaccine has thawed because this determines the condition of the vaccine.
  2. 30 Days Refrigerator Storage: Measures 30 days in refrigerator temperature and indicates when 10, 20 & 30 days have passed.
  3. Storage outside of refrigerator: Starts measuring the time when a vaccine is taken out of the refrigerator, up to 12 hours at a temperature above 2-8 °C.