Drop N Tell - Tip N Tell

The Drop-n-Tell will indicate whether your parcel was dropped or not. Once the package has exceeded its G-Range, 2 black arrows appear on the device. The Drop-n-Tell acts as a preventive care product by alerting shippers and handlers that this package is fragile and is being monitored by displaying the Drop-n-Tell label, which is to be placed on your package as a warning. The shipping indicator can be placed on your package by removing the protective paper off the back of the drop-n-tell exposing the adhesive, which can then be placed on your package to properly secure the drop-n-tell and the future of your package.

Tip-n-Tell's are a low cost and easy way to indicate whether your package was subjected to shock during shipment.
Tip N' Tell's are self-adhesive and are attached to the inside or outside of the package during shipment.
Placing your Tip N' Tell on the outside of your package allows the handler to know that this package is being monitored and that fragile items exist in your package.
The Tip-n-Tell indicates whether a container has been tipped in transit when blue beads break through to the top of the Tip-n-Tell damage indicator.
The Tip N' Tell will register at slightly less than 90° degrees or beyond. Simply pull out the pin on the side to activate your Tip N' Tell indicator. Simply pull out the pin on the side to activate.

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