Varcode’s patented FreshCode™ smart barcode labels are a breakthrough TTI technology. By combining temperature measurement into the data value of the barcode, Varcode has developed a low-cost but data-rich and easy-to-use solution for monitoring the cold chain.

The breakthrough FreshCode label is based on a chemical process that triggers a value change in the displayed barcode whenever any of the multiple pre-set events occurs.  The label is designed to start its monitoring process activated by pulling a tab, therefore no special storage is required.  The label can be read in as many check points throughout the cold chain as required: from the point of activation all the way up to the retail cashier.
The smart barcode can be read by any commonly used barcode reader as well as iOS or Android based smartphones and tablets.  The use of a standard barcode reader ensures not only fast and accurate reading, but smooth integration into the enterprise’s existing procedures with no need for equipment purchase or any other investment.


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