High Temperature Labels

Accurate Temperature Measurement for Quality Control

The I-16027 Temperature Indicator can be used whenever you need accurate temperature measurement. Simply attach the Indicator label to the product or dosimeter to be monitored - it's that easy. The viewing window of the Indicator will display a permanent (non-reversible) color change indicating the highest  temperature reached.

Temperatures too high? Red flag them on the spot.
High temperatures cause irreversible harm to many products. Foods, medicines and industrial/chemical products are particularly susceptible. Hi-Temp indicators help you minimize risk, irreversibly changing from white to red when the temperature rises above the specified threshold.

A versatile, inexpensive design with high quality monitoring makes  Hi-Temp Indicators the choice for a wide range of applicatioInhoud ENns. You can choose response temperatures as low as 25°C and as high as 216°C, matched with the highest standards of accuracy and dependability. The thin self-adhesive labels feature a flexible design that easily applies to a variety of products or packaging.
  See the list of most of the possible labels.

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