RadControl Irradiation label

The RAD-CONTROL irradiation indicator serves to verify the irradiation of blood products. The intended use is for gamma irradiation with at least 25 gray or x-ray irradiation of bood products . A RAD-CONTROL label is affixed to the blood product before irradiating takes place.

The standard version of Rad-Control works with the discoloration of red to black. This results in a YES/NO information on whether the irradiation was performed. The color change is reliable and self-explanatory, providing clear information as "not irradiated / irradiated".

The barcode version of Rad-Control:

After irradiation the indicator appears as a bar code. Additionally the word "IRRADIATED" appears in a second field. Marking of the labels and manual entry of irradiation results is no langer necessary. After setting up the system, blood bags can be distributed only if they have been identified and verification of irradiation has been confirmed.

This gobally unique indicator delivers a multitude of benefits:

  • Electronic readability of the irradiation result
  • Automation of the irradiation process
  • Decreased documentation and transcription errors
  • No need for manual data entry
  • More efficient and streamlined workflow
  • Machine AND human readable verification

Rad-Control is carefully produced and comprehensively tested in accordance with ISO 13485 quality management system to avoid any risk in your processes.


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