Switrace iPlug usb logger

SWITRACE temperature loggers are entirely made in Switzerland and guaranteed for 1 year.

Switrace iPlug usb logger are ideal for controlling the cold chain, but also have their place in laboratories, musea, warehouses, industrial or residential premises whenever one needs to measure and record the temperature and humidity.

All devices are self-contained and pre-programmed (on request) at the factory for immediate use upon receipt : a duration of 90 days is thus programmed by default. This recording time can be modified before activation by using the MANAGER software as a free download on this site.

The memory of the loggers is encrypted and the logger will issue an automatic report once plugged into a computer (report as a PDF).Therefore, it is not necessary to use the software to read the data from the iPlug.

Free archiving of online data will be possible using the "send to the Cloud" function of our MANAGER software (downloadable on this site). This archiving is a simple and economical way to save data online - it will always be available: simply enter the serial number of the recorder in the "trace & trace" section of our website to view the temperature graph with your internet browser (internet connection required).

Quick specs:

  • Single or multi use, led screen optional
  • Temperature, humidity, dry ice, cryogene
  • Self generates a pdf temperature report once connected to a computer
  • Traceable accuracy certificate
  • Multiple alarms feature
  • Customizable trip duration (90 days as a standard for the single use)
  • SWITRACE online free track & trace

Also available:



            i-plug bio






            i-plug dry ice


            i-plug probed


            i-plug cryo 

                      coming soon

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