Timestrip® Blood Temp 10

With the push of a button, Blood Temp is activated and indicates simply and clearly if the core temperature of the blood has risen above the threshold temperature.
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The TimestripPlus bloodbag indicator is designed for use by blood banks  and transfusion services during blood storage and transportation.  Designed  to indicate if blood products may be reissued when returned as detailed by American Association of Blood Bank Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services and CFR 600.15(a).
Simple to Interpret
The TimestripPlus blood bag indicator changes color from white to blue when the core blood bag temperature has
breached 10°C . This irreversible go/no-go indicator makes it easy to inspect and interpret blood bag temperature abuse.

Next to the BT10 there is the BT6, this as goal to monitor the storage of blood bags with a threshold of 6°C.


Temperature Accuracy


Indicator Type

Irreversible, single use.

Activation Feature

A manual activation button on the top – the ‘On’ window turns from yellow to green to confirm it is armed.


A blue colour appears in the breach window if a breach of the threshold temperature has occurred. Any blue, whether full or partial, indicates a breach.

Monitored Temperature

Blood Temp 10 – Threshold of 10°C


32mm x 19mm, blister height 2.5mm-3.0mm

Quality Assurance

Produced under ISO9001:2008 and ISO13458:2003. CE Approved


Unique serial number on each product

Video of the Military Hospital in Belgium.

At the Medical Cold Chain Congress on the 13th May 2013 we discussed this subject in different ways, for them who weren't able to join we like to share some of the presentations of the speakers.

- Timestrip : general information of the new bloodlabel
- Rode Kruis Vlaanderen : the cold chain of blood products and its regulation
- AZ ST Lucas Gent: practical experience of the Timestrip labels in the bloodbank of a hospital

The hospital Imelda in Bonheiden made an evaluation of the application of the Timestrip label, the result is thanks to this application they have a good control of the cold chain of the blood products en they can guarantee the quality, have a look at their  their presentation! 

Timestrip® Temperature app

Time and Temperature Indicator maker Timestrip launches the Timestrip® Temperature app, a new tool that provides a visual audit trail of its temperature products.

Using the App simply involves taking a photo of a Timestrip® label with a smartphone.

The App will recognise the serial number and allow you to register it on the system.

You can then take a follow on scan where you can enter its activation state (inert, activated or breached), storing this data with essential time and location information in the cloud.

The App is free to download from the Google Play store with an iOS version to follow shortly.

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