Verigo bluetooth logger


Verigo's BlueTooth-enabled loggers provide the latest in cold-chain technology. The units connect wirelessly to your smartphone then the cloud seamlessly providing temperature, humidity, and geo-location data. No cables or proprietary readers required. Access data quickly, simply, and safely. No crates to open, no dangerous spaces to navigate.

You only have to download the Verigo app for iOs™ or Android™on your smartphone in order to start and use the Pods.
 The users can name each Pod, link it to a barcode and immediately program it with an alarm. 

During the usage, the app enables you to visualize the data in realtime and to registrer them. 
In order to analys the data thoroughly you use the function to send a PDF or CSV by mail.
You don't know where your Pod is? Let it make a sound through your app!
All data is automatically stored in the secured cloudWeb App of Verigo, which can be consulted from any computer, and permits you to generate PDF or CSV reports.

Scanning up to 30 meters of distance!!


download the app and create an account?
start a device using Verigo's app?
view logged data and stop your device using Verigo's app?

You just need to download the Verigo app for iOs™ or Android™ on your smartphone in order to start using the pods. The users can choose names for each Pod, associate them with a barcode and program the alarms directly through the app.

All the data are stored automatically in the secured cloud Web App from Verigo, consultable from any connected pc, giving you the possbility to generate PDF or CSV reports in an easy way:

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