Verigo Pod Quality

As produce moves from farm to store, conditions vary.

The result?  Degradation in quality and shelf life that is invisible to the supply chain.

Product Life -  The New Metric for Quality

Gain groundbreaking insights from the first sensors smart enough to continually translate raw data into useful quality information: the actual remaining life of your products

End-to-End Visibility

See the complete story of each pallet. Attain continuous audits of all critical processes.

Smart Distribution

View product life instantly before QA inspection, enforce process standards, ensure supplier accountability, and prioritize inventory rotation and routing based on remaining product life.

Preloaded Product Life Profiles

Monitor a wide range of commodities with ease. From strawberries to spinach, Verigo provides over 20 default Product Life Profiles—all backed by more than 30 years of USDA research.

Create Your Own Custom Profiles

Can't find your commodity?  Want to create a model specific to your product?

Use the convenient web interface to tailor profiles to your needs.

Sync in Seconds

The Information You Need to Succeed

Access data anytime, anywhere with the powerful and secure Verigo Cloud platform.

With all information automatically synchronized from Verigo mobile applications to your company's Verigo Cloud account, all records are secure and ready for the next audit.

Use your Admin account to manage employee accounts, alerts settings, Product Life Profiles, and more.

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