The application of the Timestrip bloodlabel for temperature monitoring of bloodbags

Already many hospitals in Flanders and Wallonie use the Timestrip bloodlabels in order to permanently monitor the  temperature of the bloodbags.

Based on studies of the hospitals it seems that it is a very efficient tool to monitor the temperature on product level, as the label is on the blooedbag, there never is  an unguarded moment and crucial decisions can be made with confidence and without any doubts. 

Here you find a limited list of the hospitals already using this application:

  • AZ Sint Lucas, Gent
  • AZ VESALIUS, Tongeren-Bilzen
  • AZ Sint Elisabeth, Herentals
  • IMELDA Ziekenhuis, Bonheiden
  • MILITAIR HOSPITAAL, Neder Over Heembeek
  • ZOL, Limburg
  • CHU Liège, Luik
  • Medlon, medical diagnostics
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
  • Clinique Saint Jean - Kliniek Sint Jan
  • AZ Heilige Familie, Rumst

If you like to add the name of  your hospital, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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